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To improve the depth of the image, the craftsman added a small amount of face paint using the glass to cover the dial, while also glowing and adjusting the glass. faux rolex vs vrai rolex côte à côte 18k gold polished hour and minute hands are coated with a white luminescent coating to ensure easy time adjustment in the event of an emergency. faux rolex vs vrai rolex côte à côte
Simple style, smooth lines, exquisite craftsmanship. Actually, according to the actual translation it should be the most suitable' chronometer '. consisting of top studs and buttons. faux rolex vs vrai rolex côte à côte Compared with the traditional reducing process, the line height increases by a certain precision. They incorporated some beautiful art, it was a rare gemstone.

The opening has been installed. the Italian fishing village has been on vacation. and it also had horse harness; The straps are also designed with a sporty theme; The upper part of the case is fixed to the strap to recreate the structure of the metal face. I also want to focus on Audemars Piguet.

The author writes a blue circle between Piaget's dial, while the hands use simple and easy gold hour markers and small Barton hands. Although we often use SW legs or other forms of exercise, but ETA is still most likely at the present time, many of them are only enlarged in ETA legs, only slight difference .

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