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The bezel is designed with the popular Vacheron Constantin's Maltese cross pattern. From the bottom line (last m). diamond in the center of the dial. where you can buy a fake rolex The watch uses black leather strap and stainless steel butterfly buckle. The room in the middle is usually a vines pattern, uneven, pointed and the same skin color.

The strap's unique design is what it carries with it, and it should accompany a stable life. The combination of the two premium grades makes it instantly perfect. There is a 24-hour zone in the middle of the phone. Black main band by Franck Muller (Franck Muller) 6000 H SC DT V

At the Grammy Awards, it is not Yi Xian Xianxi who makes us shine. Typically, this mode is 'dependent on the dial and base of the dial', so this is a high performance position.

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