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The titanium crown is screwed in and protected by a good anti-slip shoulder guard. novo iate mestre rolex The point is that carbon black and blue can be combined with three colors, and the color of the gosba cigarette is very simple. novo iate mestre rolex
Do you like this new year look. and found that the table's structure was perfectly parallel to the one. Love for intelligent women explains classic charm that never goes away. novo iate mestre rolex Contact models call cosmetics to soften and differentiate a woman's. Apparently, it has developed a new gear on main escape wheel 1 and wheel support organization 11.

Vice President of Mido Switzerland. The weight is only half of aluminum wire. anti-splash case with engraved movement. Ma Sichun wore a red turtleneck over a patterned silk shirt, paired with a pair of blue wide-leggings and also wore the Chanel J12 series.

The watch is equipped with a Breguet (Breguet) 502.3 SD automatic movement and has a 45-hour power reserve. You should know that the Ref 5002 'Sky Tourbillon' has 12 functions including Tourbillon.

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