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Last published on the 06/07/24 by Admin


AGM will be 2pm on Sunday July 7th.

Venue is Shifnal Town Sports Bar ( also known as Reds Bar )

Newport Rd, Shifnal, TF11 8BP

All those wishing to attend please make sure your name is on the list 
with Gaz so as to arrange food numbers.

List,  - Gaz, - Vyrn, - Beagle, - Clarkey, - Shaun B, - Ian B, - Gavin,

Ryan, - Woggy, - Nigel, - Terry H, - Rob G, - Paul M, - Gary SD, - Kev,

Phil J, - Si H, - Rob S, - Daz F, - Cole, - Pek, - Jan, - Steve R, - Carl G,

Mike, - Carol, - Em, - Paul G, - Shawn B x 2, - George H x 2, - Miffy,

Mr Humph, - Martin Pr, - Tony, - Craig, - Gaz T, - Issac, - Mick R, 

Derek, - Aid, - Chris D, - Neil J, - Rich C, - Dave B, - Ollie, - Julia P x 4, 

Matt, - Emma, - Tom R, - Harry, - Dawksey, - Padge,

Beckford & Becchio event at Shrewsbury Town FC on Fri 6th Sept.

Price will be £30 adult / £10 junior

Everyone who attends will get a photo with the lads

Tickets now on sale, please contact Gaz - details on contact page.

Please always check the travel page for the running list.

Advise us as soon as you can if any changes needed.

We are asking everyone if possible to book your own match tickets.

Tickets for home games going digital.( To your phone )

We will help where we can but due to new limits on purchasing we wont be able to get what we used to.

Unless you have a Leeds United Membership number the chances of a ticket are virtually NIL, due to demand.

As always we will help where we can, but no promises made.

It is down to members to check the web site for travel listings , times and tickets etc.

Any no shows or late cancellations will incur a charge.